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Friday, 16 March 2012

The Thrilla in Manila (aka the hen run)

It's not at all unusual for me to tell you that Fizz has been chastised by one or other of the big girls - generally for his unwanted attentions.   Today though, things were a bit different.

Fizz came bouncing out of the cage, spotted his beloved Punk who spotted him and ran.  Never mind, there was his beloved Rebecca who was duly bonked before she could escape.   She'd just recovered from that when, much to her surprise, she was given a good hiding by Maggie!   She's still trying to work that one out.   We can only imagine that it was because she was much closer to Maggie than Fizz, and Maggie was too full of breakfast to chase him.  When you've got out of bed on the wrong side, it's often those closest to you who suffer your bad temper.  It's the only explanation I can think of.

Things were a bit different yesterday though.   Mad Irene was gazing off into space, trying to remember what it was she was trying to remember.   She was very, very deep in thought and not with us at all.   Fizz noticed this and, being the opportunist he is, decided to take advantage of the situation and attempt to have his way with her.   Brave boy, our Fizz.

Well for starters, being a full grown Light Sussex, she's much taller than the little bantam cockerel!  But did that deter him?  Of course it didn't!  He leapt from a standing start, managed to reach just above her wing, scrabbled to gain purchase, didn't - and fell off.

All this being totally unexpected, uncalled for and unwarranted, Irene was more than a little peeved!   She jumped in fright and turned to face her attacker.   Poor Fizz accidentally found himself almost backed into a corner between the tree stump roots and the fence.

It takes an awful lot to rouse Irene, but she was good and roused now.   Her hackles rose to their fullest extent and she leapt forward to "chest" him.   Not to be outdone, Fizz extended his magnificent, abundent hackle feathers out to their furthest limit and chested her back.  That should show her!   But it didn't.  Unfortunately when he'd leapt to chest her, he'd landed further back than before and was now well and truly cornered.

With a very cross Irene bearing down on him, still all hackled up, Fizz jumped onto the tree stump and back down into the ring - er, I mean hen run.  The pair of them danced around chesting each other, for all the world like Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier when they met in the Philippines.  

In no time at all, Fizz found himself cornered again and had to return to the fracas via the tree stump.   When it happened for a third time, he decided this was b-o-r-i-n-g and wandered off.

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Shell said...

That was funny! I love the stories about Fizz's encounters with the girls. He seems like such a optimist.