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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Love's young dream - or nightmare

A little while ago Fizz couldn't contain himself any longer and danced his little heart out for Titian (February 3 "Gentlemen may prefer blondes ......")

I said at the time, he'd forget she didn't rate him and would try his luck again.  He's such a hopeless romantic, taking a risk on another rebuff was a sure thing.  Well I hate to be smug about it, but I was right.

There he was, surrounded by girls.  None of them had a headache, he could have had his choice of any of them.  Well, perhaps not any of them, but certainly Tu-Tu (the tart!), Rebecca, Punk or Pom-Pom (providing she didn't see him coming).

But no.   He spotted the lovely Titian and nobody else would do.  So off he danced, the love light shining so brightly in his eyes, that it blinded him to the reality of the situation.   But this time he tried a new tactic.   He'd remembered from last time that she liked .......... kissing.  Well how else would you describe one chicken pecking another chicken on the beak?   As far as he was concerned, she kissed him.  He seemed to have conveniently forgotten that her next action was to box his ears from one end of the run to the other!

Deciding on a frontal assault, he danced up to her and pecked her on the beak.  All of a sudden, he realised what he'd just done and finally remembered the consequences from last time.   He was riveted to the spot, but moved his head as far back as he could and hoped he was out of range.   He wasn't.   Titian leaned forward and kissed him back not once, but half a dozen times.  

Maybe "kiss" isn't quite the right word.   She smothered his beak all right, but with hard pecks and very close to where his beak joined up with the rest of him.

At this point, he decided that the old saying about discretion being the better part of valour had a lot going for it.   So feigning a nonchalance that I suspect he didn't really feel, he strategically retreated.

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Shell said...

Lol. At least she didn't chase him around the run this time ;)