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Monday, 5 March 2012

Pheasant company

I love where I live!   I love it anyway, but at this time of year it's a particularly exciting place to be because of all the fresh new life that keeps appearing all over the show.

The lambs will be bouncing around in the back field soon, but at the moment I'm being entranced by our friendly neighbourhood pheasants.

One of the males has been visiting us for some time, but when I went to check the chickens last week there were two of them.   When I appeared, one flew off pretty quickly.  But the other just ambled a few yards, thought "Nah" and waited for me to push off.  I threw him a handful of corn, which he tucked into with great gusto.

Isn't he stunning
 Photo by David Croad

The wife didn't trust him out on his own, so she was there too the following day.   She flew off when I opened the back door, but he was smart enough to know I had goodies to share.  So he waited and I rewarded him with said goodies.

The Mrs must have decided I was harmless, because the day after that her six teenagers were in the garden too.   Now everyone comes every day.

My lot aren't as small as this lot
 Photo by H. Zell

I'm sure it can only be because they trust me - nothing to do with the big dish of corn I put out for them every day.  Of course not!

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Shell said...

Pheasants are such beautiful birds! How lucky that they're visiting you. I don't think I've ever seen them in their habitat, just at farms and zoos.