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Thursday, 1 March 2012

At last!

Woohoo!  It’s finally published!   After a few unexpected delays, my e-book is finally available and I'm SO excited.   It's a combination of a prequel to this blog, and some of the early blog posts that you may not have seen.

My son did all the technical stuff to turn the words and pictures into an e-book and he designed the cover.   Just as well one of us is good at that sort of thing!

It's on Kindle, but if you don't have a Kindle, you can still get to read it by downloading one of the  free Kindle Reading Apps for your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android phone at

The book's blurb says:
A humorous look at chicken keeping and what they don’t tell you in the “How to” books.
From the hen who hates laying eggs, to the cockerel who would like to, this is a hen run full of quirky personalities.   You’ll meet the village gossip, a foodie and a grumpy old tart.   Then there’s Mad Irene, whose antics are counterbalanced by a bantam with a fondness for deep thinking.    
There’s the adventurous and the timid, the fights and the friendships.   And like all good comedians, the chickens throw in a bit of pathos too.  But that is sandwiched between some dreadful table manners and some truly eccentric behaviour – even for chickens!
If you decide to get a copy, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Shell said...

Yay! Congratulations! I bet you're so proud that it's finally published. I'm definitely going to get it on my kindle. I love the cover, by the way.

Unfortunately, the emu egg didn't hatch. Thought for sure it would since it lost the right amount of weight. I did order another egg last month, but the seller sent a bad one. The emu breeding season is almost over in the US, so I think we'll wait til next fall & try again. Besides, our geese are laying, & soon the peahens, guineas, & turkey will be, too :)

Catherine Clarke said...

Got my copy, can't wait to start reading!