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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Thank goodness for snow!

Pom-Pom has finally come to her senses and has given up roosting on the cage gate - much to Fizz's relief.   When it started snowing on her, she decided that enough was enough.   It was warmer and dryer inside the coop with the others, so she put herself to bed there, with the rest of the mob.

To be fair, Punk seems to have forgotten why she kept chasing Pom-Pom and making her life a misery.   And Pom-Pom's memory of being frightened of the Araucana has faded too.   It must have done, because I looked into the run a few days ago and they were sitting side-by-side on the log.   As a result, Pom-Pom has lost her fear of retiring to the bedchamber with everyone else.  It appears she's no longer afraid that Punk will attack her the minute she sets foot inside.

I suspect that the whole thing started because Punk decided to moult so late.   The lead-up to it probably caused her some discomfort and she became crochety.  It's no good getting nasty with chickens who are above you in the pecking order and the only ones below her were Pom-Pom and Rebecca.   She was hardly going to take her bad moods out on her sister.   So that just left the snooty Poland.   Having said all that, we are talking about the bantam who didn't hesitate to attack a 6' 2" tall human male last summer, just because she couldn't get her own way.

If we had a normal cockerel, I'm sure things wouldn't have been allowed to get as far as they did.   I recently read a chicken-keeper's eye-witness account about two hens who squabbled over who should use a particular nest box.   One turfed the other out and occupied it herself.   The hen who lost out, took herself off and complained to the flock's cockerel.   He then went inside the coop and chatted to the hen in the nestbox.   Then he came out and chatted to the aggrieved party.   After that, everyone seemed happy.  

I seriously doubt if Fizz even noticed anything was amiss in our flock!

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Shell said...

Glad to hear that they're getting along better, and I bet Pom-Pom is proud of it, too.