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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Share and share alike

It finally dawned on Irene that she had the two Araucanas all to herself every night.   She noticed that Titian had disappeared from beside her on the perch, but didn't really connect it to having both Rebecca and Punk nestled into her feathers.

It took her several nights before the answer to her double trouble problem finally seeped through to her little chicken brain.   Titian had moved into a nestbox - she would do the same!  Problem solved.

The only trouble was, both nestboxes were occupied already.   Titian, as we know, had made herself comfortable in one of them, after turfing Tu-Tu out.   The other was Maggie's domain - and Maggie is Clucker-in-Chief, Top Of The Heap, The Head Honcho.

Did that worry our lovely Light Sussex?   Don't be daft, we didn't call her Mad Irene without very good reason.

She simply tried to move in with Maggie!   Now Light Sussexes are not small chickens and they come under the category of "Heavy" birds.  Blue Orpingtons aren't small either. even if they are of the bantam variety.  So you can see the problem, can't you.  Small nest, two large birds, who will move? 

Well as it turned out, neither of them did.   Maggie was absolutely determined to stay put, partly because she's Top Chicken and partly because she was comfortable where she was, thankyouverymuch.   Mad Irene thought it was jolly decent of Maggie to stay and share with her.  It meant that instead of having chickens snuggling into her feathers, she could snuggle into Maggie's.  And Maggie has an over-abundance of feathers to snuggle into.

So there you are, Irene finally got a decent night's sleep.   But it will be interesting to see if Maggie allows her to have another one.

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