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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Night and day

Titian finally got fed up with having an Araucana stuffed into her feathers every night and decided to do something about it.   So she hoiked Tu-Tu out of the nestbox and took up residence herself.   It would appear that she simply stepped in and plopped down immediately, without bothering to turn round.   As a result, she had her beak to the back of the nestbox and the flock had a fine view of her bum.

So poor old Irene is back to being a hot water bottle for both Araucanas.   Rebecca, who started the whole idea of snuggling into Irene in the first place, took her usual position.

Rebecca will soon make herself comfortable by getting in among Irene's feathers

By the time Rebecca has herself sorted out, all that's visible are her legs and some of her tail.   Then Punk moved in from the front and made herself nice and snug too.   It's beyond me how Irene manages to get any sleep at all!

Fizz was obviously somewhat concerned about the view Titian presented to the world, as he spent the night balanced on the edge of her nestbox.   Dangerous position, given that Titian is Poo Queen. 

All these goings on at bedtime obviously annoyed Maggie and disturbed her beauty sleep.   When she appeared yesterday morning, she stopped halfway down the ramp, glared at my son, held her wings half out and then "harrumphed" at him.  Really it was halfway between an "harrumph" and a growl, but I have no idea how to represent the sound in words!  

Titian appeared next and went over to have a deep, meaningful conversation with my son's trouser leg.

Then Irene barged down, spotted a few pellets that had escaped from the feeder and pounced on them with a delighted purr.  She probably felt she deserved a treat after the night she'd had.

Everyone else made their way out except Pom-Pom, who was relaxing in her boudoir as usual.   But this morning Fizz was having none of that "Lady Muck" nonsense.   So he went back into the coop and made her get up.  

So today we learned a new expression from Maggie - but I strongly suspect it was fowl language.   (I'm really, really sorry - just couldn't resist making that pun).

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