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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Poor little Pom-Pom

Poor little Pom-Pom isn't a happy bantam at the moment.

It all started quite a few weeks ago when Punk started getting really grumpy and short-tempered.  Of all our chickens, she was the most laid back and placid.   But not any more.  I put it down to the fact that she is moulting but still laying eggs, which would put quite a strain on any chicken.

There aren't many of our little flock that she can have a go at.   Titian and Irene are far too big; Tu-Tu is her foster-mother and she chases Punk, not vice-versa thankyou very much.  She had a go at Maggie once, and learned the hard way that that wasn't one of her best ideas.   Fizz may be as daft as a brush, but he's a cockerel nonetheless, so he's safe.   That leaves Rebecca and Pom-Pom.

Punk has given her sister the occasional mild peck, but it's Pom-Pom who is on the receiving end of her most vicious bad-tempered attacks.   As a result, our little Poland bantam tries to keep well out of Punk's way.   She has even taken to roosting on the coop's little gate, rather than risk attack by going to bed inside.   So every night when we go to lock up, she has to be gently woken up and deposited into a nest box to sleep.  

Fortunately, she seems safe from attack inside the coop in the mornings.   Punk has always been among the first to race out when the pop-hole is opened, so I imagine her mind is concentrated on gearing up for rush-hour.

I'm really hoping that all this blows over once Punk is fully clothed in feathers again - and before winter sets in. 

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