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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The eyes have it

It was only when Fizz and I were eyeball to eyeball earlier today that I realised just how different each of our chickens' peepers are.

Fizz gazes at you with eyes that instantly remind you of Stan Laurel, one half of the comedy duo Laurel & Hardy.

My son and I disagree on a lot of things, but we are in perfect accord where Maggie's eyes are concerned.  They are, without doubt, the most compelling of all eight pairs.   Deep, dark, beautiful.


Almost the exact opposite of Irene's, whose eyes never stay still long enough to get a good look at them.  She certainly doesn't look at you!  She needs to check constantly which of her companions has got something she hasn't.  No matter what it is, her need will be greater than theirs.


I've tried hard to think of the kindest way to describe Titian's eyes.   But to be absolutely honest, she looks half asleep most of the time.   In fact she is half asleep most of the time.  There's simply no hurrying her, so by the time she gets to the action - it's moved somewhere else.


Tu-Tu's eyes are sharp, intelligent.   She's got you sussed before you're even aware that you're being sussed!


Her foster-daughters, Punk and Rebecca, couldn't be more different.   When you pick Punk up, her pale brown peepers suddenly become much calmer than when she was at ground level.  Pick Rebecca up and her eyes flash in annoyance as she struggles to free herself.   I find that odd, because on the ground, Rebecca's the calmer bantam, while Punk is the sparky one. 

If you manage to lift Pom-Pom's crest high enough, for long enough to see them, you'll find a pair of dark brown eyes that make you realise she's smarter than you ever suspected.  You make sure she gets her share of the treats, don't you.  You protect her when she needs it, don't you. You carry her so she needn't bother walking, don't you.   Of course you do!  It's part of her plan.

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