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Friday, 23 September 2011

'Tis but a scratch

Do not stand behind Irene when she's scratching, whether it's in the hen run or the garden.   She has the most powerful scratch technique in the flock.   She's been known to send small rocks flying a considerable distance away, so wood chips and pebbles present no problem whatsoever.   And as for soil - hah!  Australia, here she comes.

Maggie is considerably smaller and lighter (under that huge volume of feathers lurks a rather small bantam).  However, her scratching skill is also a force to be reckoned with.   When she and Irene team up, they've been known to excavate deep craters in the hen run.  You certainly wouldn't want to fall into one without having a handy ladder secreted about your person.

The Araucanas have watched and learned.   Out of the two of them, Punk has watched and learned most.  She puts her heart and soul into her scratching routine;  her whole body is thrown from side to side as she tries to emulate her mentor, Irene.  Rebecca does her best, but her real talent lies in swooping in and pinching a worm that others have energetically exposed.

Tu-Tu's not bad either.   She also puts a lot of energy into her efforts and is remarkably proficient considering she's the smallest bird in the flock.

Tu-Tu and Maggie - gram for gram, the two best scratchers

Then we come to the rest of them.  Titian is even bigger and bulkier than Irene, but watching her scratch is great if you're feeling a bit down and need a laugh.   For a start, she doesn't like getting her feet dirty, so she only ever scratches when she's on the lawn.  And then it's the most delicate, lady-like scratch you've ever seen.   I could do better with my wellies on!

Pom-Pom is willing to give it a go if necessary, she just doesn't often feel it's necessary.  And as for Fizz - well if Titian doesn't manage to make you laugh, Fizz certainly will.   For ages he had no idea how to scratch and, like so many other things, has learnt how to do it from the girls.   So rather than a good, strong, manly scratch, his efforts are more ..... erm  .............. feminine.

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