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Friday, 16 September 2011

Bedtime shenanigans


When it was time to close up the coop yesterday evening, Maggie decided that for once she was going to have a late night.   This is most unusual - generally she can't keep her eyes open and is among the first to go to bed.

So she was picked up and popped into the coop via the nestbox.   But she wasn't ready to nod off yet, she thought she'd made that clear by being outside at bedtime.  The side door was opened to count everyone and make sure they were all present and correct.   So she took the opportunity to make a swift exit through the still open pop-hole.   She was just as swiftly put back into the coop and the pop-hole was closed before she could make another run for it.

The side door was opened again to try again to check and ensure that everyone was where they should be.   That annoyed just about all of them, as they were fed up with the continual disturbance.   So en masse they decided to move off the front perch and take up residence on the back perch.

At this point Maggie spotted Tu-Tu sitting smugly in one of the nest boxes.   Well she had to get her own back on somebody and who better than her second in command?  She marched over and quite literally flipped Tu-Tu out into the main coop area.

When it was finally established that nobody was missing, the coop was closed up for the night.   But judging by the mutterings that emanated from inside, we'd just better offer some superb snacks today.   It will be the only way to get back into their good books I think.

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