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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Chatty chickens

Most of the chickens have something to say at one time or another, but Titian is the most talkative by a very long way.   But she likes to have someone to talk to - and mostly that someone is me.

If Titian were human, I suspect she would be the neighbourhood gossip.   The sort who leans on the front gate and says to random passers-by, "Far be it from me to spread rumours, but have you heard ....... ".   As it is, she has to content herself with telling me what her companions have been getting up to in the chicken run.

To be fair though, we have solved quite a few world problems between us.   At least, I think we have.   It's hard to be certain because if I'm honest, I can't understand a word she says.

That may be why my thoughts drift off in a different direction sometimes, and Titian doesn't have my full and undivided attention.   But there's no fooling that hen.   She quickly picks up on my lapse in concentration and pulls at my trouser leg to bring me back to the subject under discussion.

Rebecca and Titian

Seeing all this conversation taking place seems to have affected Rebecca The Vulture.   Of late, she too has taken to chatting to me.   She doesn't join in with Titian, but tries to catch me when nobody else is nearby.   She looks me in the eye and chunters quietly to me - she's not loud and clear like Titian.

She's an Araucana and they originally came from the Chile/Peru border many generations ago.   Which makes me wonder whether she's really talking to me or whether, in fact, she's quietly singing "Guantanamera, Guajira Guantanamera".  Could be it's in her genes.

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