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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Onwards and upwards

I’m just about convinced that Maggie has quietly moved to the top of the pecking order.   She’s standing much taller than she used to for one thing.   She also seems to spend a good deal of time in what I can only describe as “watchful mode”.    She’s chased trespassing birds out of the garden and successfully fought off a double-pronged attack by the Araucanas.  And there’s an aura about her that was never apparent before.

The clincher came this morning when everyone was let out.   Fizz, as usual, was looking for someone to love and he picked on Punk.   She’s normally very compliant – just lets him get on, do his thing and then off she goes;  she’s such a laid-back little bird I’m surprised she’s not horizontal.

Today was different.   Today she was having none of it!   She fluffed her neck feathers out, then chested him.  She jumped really high and chested him again. This behaviour is totally out of character for the little Araucana.  

Maggie looked as if she was about to join in, but decided against it when Punk turned and hid her head in Maggie’s abundant chest feathers.   At bedtime Punk has always had the habit of tucking her head into the chest feathers of whichever chicken is next to her.  But it’s the first time it’s happened in broad daylight.   

It seemed that Maggie’s chest provided Punk with a safe haven.   Is this a sign that it’s not only me who thinks Maggie has promoted herself to leader, but the perhaps the flock does too?

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