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Monday, 29 August 2011

Eyes down looking

You might think that having a big bouffant feather arrangement on your head, an arrangement which curves round and covers your eyes so that you can only see downwards, might put you at a huge disadvantage on so many levels.   You might think that.   I might think that.   But Pom-Pom, who sports just such a feather arrangement, doesn't.

Admittedly, she has a tendency to walk into things, but she just ignores the inconvenience.  Her headgear prevents even the slightest injury, so she bounces off what she's walked into and continues on her way.

Now you would have thought, wouldn't you, that having such a sight impediment would put you at an enormous disadvantage.   Not in Pom-Pom's case though.   She frequently leads the dash out of the run and into the garden.   She has an uncanny sixth sense when it comes to knowing where snacks are to be located - often millimetres in front of another chicken's beak.   And heaven help that chicken if she tries to retrieve her stolen property!   There's nothing wrong with Pom-Pom's sense of direction when it comes to giving someone a good peck.

She proved her worth (to herself at least) when she, of all chickens, chased an intruder out of the garden.  True, it was only a robin and true, she probably only saw his feet.  However, she wasn't having him lurking around the place stealing the birdseed that had dropped onto the ground from the feeders.   Those were her special treats.

Mission accomplished, she turned round and walked straight into the watering can.

1 comment:

Shell said...

It's amazing that breeds like Polish can see to do anything, isn't it?

Congrats Pom-Pom on being such a brave & daring girl :)