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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Here come the girls (and boy)

I’ve talked about some of my chickens, but I really should introduce them to you properly.

Irene is a Light Sussex and tries to prove she’s in charge by rushing round, pinching bits of everyone else’s food or treat - sometimes even from their beaks!   The others are blissfully unaware that she’s top of the pecking order, so we have a nicely relaxed flock.


Titian is a Rhode Island Red and a right chatterbox.   It's non-stop chit-chat when you picke her up for a cuddle.   Or when you pick one of the others up for a cuddle.   Or if you haven't picked anyone up for a cuddle. 

Maggie is an Orpington bantam with a huge amount of feathers.   She trails round with all sorts of things attached to her lower rear end – dead leaves, petals, twigs.  She either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care.

Tu-Tu is a Pekin and used to be a right cantankerous old bag.  These days she confines herself to rushing up to her two foster children and giving them a peck for no apparent reason.


Rebecca is one of said foster children and is an Araucana bantam.  She absolutely must sleep next to Fizz, even though once it meant crouching on the perch between Irene’s legs.

Punk is her sister and is much more laid back.   But when anyone digs a hole, Punk lurks close by, ready to nip in and grab whatever juicy morsel is dug up before anyone else can get it.

Pom-Pom is a Poland bantam who likes nothing better than a lie-in in the morning.   I think she was a lady of leisure in a previous life and has never forgotten it.

Lastly, Fizz is our Poland bantam cockerel.   Cross Frank Spencer with Kenneth Williams and you’ve got a pretty good idea what Fizz is like.

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