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Friday, 17 June 2011

Out of the mouths of babes

The table manners of our chickens sometimes make me wonder where I went wrong with their upbringing. 

Take Irene, for example.   There are lots of places in the run where she can get a nice, clean, fresh drink.   But she much prefers mucky puddle water if the opportunity arises to slurp some.

Then there was the episode of Pom-Pom and the lettuce leaf.    She may look really sweet and demure, but put her near lettuce and she crams as much into her beak as possible.   This often means there's a bit sticking out of the side of her mouth, because she can't swallow it all in one go.   Fizz, being the good cockerel he is, likes to call the girls over when he spots a tasty morsel which he thinks they might enjoy eating.   Unfortunately, this time the tasty morsel was in Pom-Pom's beak.   So he took hold of the end, gently pulled the whole lot out of her mouth, placed it on the floor in front of her and then ........ told her where it was!   By this time, Rebecca had arrived.   She was on the point of grabbing said tasty morsel, but Pom-Pom beat her to it - after all, it was hers in the first place.   However, there was still so much lettuce leaf that again, some was left sticking out.   So, not to be thwarted, Rebecca grabbed the bit that was still showing, pulled the lot out, then legged it across the lawn, eating it as fast as she could.

Finally, we come to disgusting Titian.   As Maggie was walking past her, she dropped a poo.   Titian glanced at it, then stretched her neck so that she could make sure she could actually see what she thought she could see.   She was right - there was an undigested piece of corn sitting temptingly at the outer edge of Maggie's dropping.   So she ate it!   Ugh!

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G.E said...

ha ha, that made me laugh. ive never seen mine do that but im sure they have when ive not been looking