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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Morning all

There are definite individual rituals when I let the chickens out in the morning.   Mine is to sit on the wall in the run and watch them all for a little while.

First out is Rebecca, who can often only achieve that by squeezing past Irene on the way down the ramp.  She then hurtles to the far end of the run because she knows Fizz will come out next – and she knows he’ll have just one thing on his mind.   In the meantime, Irene checks the weather then wanders round the run looking for any leftovers from yesterday.   Hot on her heels will be Punk, who isn’t fully awake yet, but doesn’t want to be left behind.

Then there’s a lull in the proceedings before Titian makes her stately way out.   Her first job is always to come and tell me all the latest coop gossip – you’d be amazed how much goes on once they’re locked up for the night.

Tu-Tu suddenly realises she can see daylight through the pop-hole and rushes out, rushes round the run, chases the nearest Araucana, then settles down to eat her breakfast.   Maggie arrives next and heads for water for a long, long drink (there are 3 containers, but she likes the blue one best).

That’s usually it.  Seven chickens up and about, but where is No. 8?   Pom-Pom likes a lie-in as I’m very well aware, but I always open the coop up and check that she’s OK before I head back to the house and my own breakfast.

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