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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Do as you're told

I have a battle on my hands.   Nonami has only been laying eggs for 5 weeks and the little madam has decided to go broody!  Well she's thinking hard about it anyway.

At first we thought she was simply taking ages to lay her egg, as she spent forever in the nest box.  But on reflection, we realised that she didn't do that for the first 4 weeks, this was something new.  Then two things happened on Sunday. 

We went to check how she was doing, after she had been sitting for half an hour.   She gave a quiet growl when we opened the nest box lid and looked most displeased when No. 1 Son felt underneath her to see if she had laid yet.   Not only had she produced an egg herself, she had snaffled those laid by Tu-Tu and Punk and was pancaked across the three of them!   Worse was to come.  We hoiked her out of the nest box, and discovered that she had begun to pull her chest feathers out.  Fortunately there were only a dozen or so in her little den, but her intention was crystal clear.

There was nothing for it;  I had to have a mother to chicken chat with her.   I explained the drawbacks of being a very young mother in graphic detail.  All that responsibility, no more time to yourself, all that sort of stuff.  Then came the clincher.  I looked her in the eye and told her very firmly that I would decide if I needed more chickens, not some pint-sized Silver Sussex!

Seems to have worked, as she hasn't set foot in the nest box today.   Or has she gone on strike?

Prissy and Scrat waiting patiently for Nonami to get her egg laid


Giddyauntlola said...

hahaha - chooks are funny girls. My naughty Vera chicken was broody again this year for 2 weeks + and boy did she get the hump when I hoisted her off the eggs she was sitting on. I hasten to add that she was not laying any herself, just pinching other chooks

adeel rehman said...

Looks a good chicken coop kits. Mines

moveable so they can be put on fresh grass but I think I need to make something more fox proof. A lot of people have been

loosing hens lately to foxes so I need to build something a little better before I loose mine.

Elizabeth Zoe said...
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Iram Moeez said...
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