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Thursday, 6 February 2014

What a surprise!

Thanks to her big crest, Pom-Pom would have us believe that she can't see the world very well. And up until now, we've believed her.  We've seen with our own eyes how she struggles to jump down from her favourite perch on the fence behind the smoking shelter roof to grab her share of the afternoon treats.  It's all of 12" high and she leans down towards the ground, struggling to see a  landing spot on the ground below.

It's the same in the garden.  Because of her restricted vision, I've taken to placing her next to a tasty piece of something or other and picking her up when she's eaten her fill.  When I let her roam around, she quite often bumps into things.  I watch her like a hawk and she also spends quite a lot of her time on my lap.

Pom-Pom surveying the world from her favourite spot

So as you can imagine, it came as quite a surprise to discover that she can see much, much better than we realised.

No. 1 Son had volunteered to go out in the pouring rain to give the Cluckers their late afternoon wheat. We give it to them as a Winter warmer before they retire for the night.   As usual, Irene and Rebecca rushed to the run gate hoping to make a break for the garden when it was opened.   But No. 1 Son isn't daft; he thwarted them by throwing a handful of wheat behind them.  While they were busy with the wheat, he quickly slipped into the run, closing the gate behind him.

Knowing there would be further supplies, Irene and Rebecca followed him back to the cage beneath the coop where everyone was sheltering from the rain.   The wheat was duly thrown in for them and 5 beaks got busy pecking it up.

The sixth beak belonged to Pom-Pom, and she had a better idea.   She trotted outside and headed straight for the now-forgotten treasure trove of wheat which had been thrown in earlier as a distraction.  She had the lot to herself.

The thing is, it lay at least 4 feet away from where she had been standing when it was thrown.  Would she normally be able to spot something that far away?  No, she would not.   At least, that is what she has always led us to believe.  Her path to the goodies led her past the ramp up to the coop, past the food dish, out through the cage door, along the outer side of the cage and round the corner to just below the nest box.   Did she bump into anything at all on her journey?  No, she did not!   Did she get what she wanted without mishap?  Yes she did!

It appears that she has a far better field of vision than we have given her credit for.   So it seems that the scheming little madam has been taking advantage of us all this time.

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Shell Adkins said...

Uh-oh Pom-Pom has spilled her secret lol. Has me wondering if some of my polish chickens can see better than I thought.