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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Bosom pals

I've never had a chicken sit on my bust before, but this afternoon Pom-Pom did just that!   I blame Punk.

A while back Punk realised that the only chicken below her in the pecking order was our little Poland bantam.   So she has made a point of giving Pom-Pom a quick peck whenever  the opportunity presents itself.  Yesterday, she not only pecked, she chased too.  Poor old Pom-Pom ran away but as she can only see downwards (due to her huge crest), she inevitably ran into things.

For once Fizz remembered that cockerels don't just bonk everything in sight, they are also meant to keep peace and harmony within the flock.   He went over and stood in front of his half-sister so that her persecutor couldn't get to her.   I was so proud!

I let them all out into the garden this afternoon and blow me if Punk didn't start her nonsense again!   I scooped Pom-Pom up and had words with Punk.

Pom-Pom and I sat on the garden bench, I put her on my knee and fed her a bit of corn.   Then she glanced down and spotted Punk chomping on the grass nearby.   Panic stations!   And she decided that her best course of action was to climb up me.

I presumed she was heading for my shoulder, but I presumed wrong.  She got as far as my busty substances, found them rather comfy and settled down.  She shuffled around a little so that my chin rested nicely on her back and then went to sleep!   Well it was a lovely sunny afternoon, she felt safe, so why not?

I can't honestly say it was equally as comfortable for me.   For a start, because she rarely does any digging her claws are quite sharp.  Even though she was at rest, they stuck into parts of my anatomy that simply aren't used to that kind of treatment.   And I suppose I could have moved my chin, but she'd got it just where she wanted it, so it hardly seemed fair to put it somewhere else.

After a while, along came Fizz who jumped up on my lap and began to preen.   This woke Pom-Pom who thought preening was an excellent idea.   That was another first for me.  Having a chicken sitting on my less-than-ample bosom, tarting herself up!

I wouldn't mind, but their toilette took forever!   Eventually I decided that enough was enough, put Pom-Pom in a safe place in the run and ushered the rest of them back inside too.

Then I tootled back to the house to check my bra and its contents for damage.


gravelgerty said...

Love your story and your sense of humor. Just started reading your blog this a.m. Thanks for making my day a little brighter!

LilyRaine said...

I know! Such a great story teller! The use of words and verbiage, everything! LOL, tarting herself up. Too funny. Lots of chickenalities in her yard, thats for sure!

Trish, post more often, please. Cant get enough of hearing about your Cluckers and their shenanigans (and YOUR reactions). Keep them coming!


John Gray said...

You have my sense of humour!
Btw... I have a vegetable plot called BOSOMS

Shell Adkins said...

Lol, love it! Can't say as I've ever had a chicken sit in that particular spot either, haha.