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Friday, 17 May 2013

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down

In my last post,  I told you how my chickens ran away from home at the first opportunity.   They have been put to shame by a friend's hens, who stayed put even when their home was falling down around their ears.

Earlier this week, Nugget, Penny and their sisters found themselves right in the middle of some typically British Spring weather.   Gale force winds, driving rain, freezing cold - that sort of thing.

The strength of the wind was such that it blew the whole side of the coop off!   The impact of the wood as it hit the ground was so great, it broke.   Nugget was in the nest box at the time, but got such a fright she shot out of what was left of the coop, screeching her head off.  Understandable really.

Susan effected temporary repairs, but had to call in reinforcements to make sure the chicken house was made totally safe again.  Enter Susan's husband.  

But in the meantime, Nugget had unfinished business and some things won't wait.   So despite the precarious state of her home, she went back inside and settled down.   By now Penny also had her legs crossed, so she squeezed into the nest box with her sister.   Said husband waited patiently for the pair of them to get their eggs laid before starting work on the coop.  But there are some things a girl simply cannot do in a hurry.  Laying eggs is one of them.

In the end, the repair was carried out properly and efficiently, despite loud protests from the occupants inside.  After all, some people have to get back to their proper job.

I am lost in admiration for Nugget and Penny.   Despite having to put up with the racket from the weather and the noise and inconvenience of the repair man, they knew where their duty lay.  In the nest box, providing tomorrow morning's breakfast.  And nothing was going to stop them!

Ladies, I salute you.

With thanks to Susan and her girls

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Rachy said...

Bless your ladies, they do their duty for Mommy :D