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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Getting Fizzicle

I've been a bit quiet about Fizz lately, but that doesn't mean he's been peaceful and relaxed of late.

Fizz assessing his chances with Punk

Last week he spotted Punk on the other side of the lawn, which she was mowing with great enthusiasm.   Usually, when Fizz decides to get amorous, she doesn't take much notice.  He does his cockerel duty and she keeps right on eating, not even blinking in surprise.   Things were so different this time, that even Punk took time out to stop munching and give Fizz a look of astonishment.

That came about because he was in such a hurry that he tried to mount her sideways!   He got part way through his leap onto her, when he realised his mistake.  He shook himself, as if trying to convince us all that he'd not noticed Punk at all and had simply bumped into her.  Then he ambled off.

However, ten minutes later he mis-timed things again.   Maggie was minding her own business, checking the lawn for grubs.   With her head down and therefore with her vent in a very inviting position, Fizz just couldn't help himself.   He rushed over, slipped on the grass and ended up by accidentally kicking Maggie up the bum!

She squawked in surprised, leapt and did a 180 degree turn to face her attacker, whom she then chased off.   This was not the conclusion Fizz had in mind when he started that little undertaking.

This afternoon, Tu-Tu was the object of his amorous attention.   She put up with the whole procedure, but when he'd finished, she shook her feathers back into place and then bit him.

I really think his romantic technique requires a bit of attention.


Sharon Jennings said...

Oh my, this did make me giggle!

Your posts often do, I so enjoy reading them. I have awarded you the One Lovely blog award. I do hope you will accept, if you don't I totally understand. Details about the award are on my blog

Shell said...

Lol Such a funny post. Fizz never fails to make me laugh with his romantic attempts lol. Congrats on your award!

Janet said...

I love his awkward advances....