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Monday, 28 May 2012

Communal bathing

It was such a lovely warm day that Maggie decided it would be good to have a bath.  There's plenty of places to have one, but by the potato bag seems to be the favourite spot, so that's where she settled.

Irene popped over for a quick chat, but couldn't stop.  She had places to go, things to do;  pity she couldn't remember what they were.  But it would come to her.

Tu-Tu decided to join Maggie.  Trouble was, she wanted the best spot and Maggie was already occupying it.   Maybe if she stuck her head under the Orpington, Maggie would find it so uncomfortable that she'd move.   Worth a try.

That didn't work - in fact Pom-Pom came over to see what on earth was going on!   She's not a dustbathing fan herself, more of a sun worshipper if the truth be known.   She's happy stretching out (preferably on someone's lap), eyes closed and with one wing and one leg extended, catching a few rays.  Bliss!


It was a different kettle of fish altogether when Titian popped over from the other side of the garden.

Did she just want to say "hello" and share a bit of gossip?  Was she content to have a quick chat with Pom-Pom and share the day's experiences so far?   I think not ....

If you think Tu-Tu was put out at being shifted over to the tree, you can imagine how exasperated Maggie was.   She'd been robbed of the very best bathing spot.   She's not one for picking fights though.  She has a more subtle approach.

I think the idea was that if she made Titian uncomfortable enough, she'd leave.  Then Maggie could move back.

But then the last straw arrived .......

..... in the shape of Fizz.   He enjoys mixed bathing.

Unfortunately, the girls don't and, as one, they all got up and left.

PS   Sorry the photographs are not up to the usual good standard, but No. 1 Son wasn't at home, so I took them myself.

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Shell said...

So funny lol. Btw, the photos look just as good as ever :)