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Monday, 23 January 2012

Things ain't what they used to be

Poor old Fizz - things aren't going terribly smoothly for him at the moment.   Over the last few days there's been a bit of a rebellion in the hen coop.

A few posts back I mentioned that he had begun to take his status as Cockerel-in-Chief very seriously.  (We'll ignore the fact that he's the only cockerel and nobody takes him seriously.)   Anyway, he'd got into the habit of getting up in the morning and checking to see who was around and who wasn't.   Then he'd go back into the coop and unceremoniously turf out the lazy lot who were having a lie-in.   In other words, Tu-Tu, Punk and Pom-Pom.

A couple of mornings back, he got up as usual, stuck his head in the food dish, went for a quick recce round the run and made a token amorous move towards Rebecca.   Halfway through his courtship dance, he suddenly remembered he was three hens short in his little harem.   So leaving Rebecca looking mightily relieved, he headed for the upper reaches of the hen coop.

Normal procedure is a bit of a scuffle, some muttering, then Tu-Tu emerges.   After a bit more of a scuffle and some appallingly bad language, out comes Punk.   Finally Pom-Pom shows her face, following some very gentle persuasion from Fizz.

However, the duvet huggers must have had a bit of a conference.  It seems they decided to set up a Resistance Movement - although I suspect the committee consisted of Tu-Tu and Punk, with Pom-Pom offering moral, rather than physical, support.

Where were we?  Oh yes, we left Fizz marching up the ramp, through the pop-hole and into ..... defiant opposition.   There was the most almighty fracas!   Never mind a scuffle - it sounded more like a tag-wrestling match that all the spectators had joined in.  And the language!   I can only hope that Pom-Pom's bouffant pom-pom muffled some of the swearing, because she really isn't accustomed to that kind of thing.

It was all over very quickly.   The girls had made their position crystal clear and Fizz decided to respect their privacy.  So moments after he went into the coop, he came back out again.   Rebecca had the good sense to make herself scarce behind the spare coop.

And the lay-abouts?   Tu-Tu made a dignified entrance to the new day about 5 minutes later and had a leisurely breakfast.   Punk strutted down the ramp not very long after that.   Pom-Pom nodded off again and, as usual, still hadn't got up by the time we left the run. 

Fizz trying to work out what just happened

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Shell said...

Poor Fizz, he just doesn't have any luck with the ladies:)