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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

More moulting news

Wow, Titian is amazing!  The tufts at the end of her quills have blossomed into proper feathers and are growing fast.  She has a little way to go before she reaches her former glory, as her bum is still only covered in short quills.  But she's well on the way and OK as long as she doesn't sit down.

Irene doesn't seem to have noticed her feather loss - she now has no tail.   Mind you, Irene only notices what other chickens are eating that she's missing out on, so no surprise there.

Now that her moult is over and done with, Tu-Tu has become remarkably calm (providing she can't see the Araucanas).  She's happy to be picked up again and looks quite tranquil while she's several feet up in the air, comfortably lodging on someone's hand.

Pom-Pom is looking a little happier too.   I can't helping thinking that she's cottoned on to the fact that although her moult has finished and she's re-feathered, she's still not having to lay those damned eggs.  She's hopeful that this state of affairs will continue right throughout the winter.  Or forever .... ???

Our sole supplier of eggs at the moment is Maggie.   She's kindly been ringing the changes with the patterns on her alternate-day offerings (just to keep us amused I suspect).  The dots come in different sizes and in white, brown or purple.  What a thoughtful chicken.

We're down to one Robin in the garden now; I think it's the youngest of the three.  He sings very quietly.  I'm not sure if he's simply not found his full voice yet, or if he has a permanent sore throat.

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